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High Quality, 4mm rewireable screw fix sockets, available in red and Black.  (If you need white, get black and spray outer cover white)

controller cable 6 way


controller cable 12 way


controller cable 16 way


Replacement controller cable For Electronic controllers

Ideal for replacing broken cables on a range of electronic controllers. Available in 3 sizes to suit various controllers.. Please note;- this cable is suitable for use in electronic controllers where the transistors etc. are located in a separate “rostrum box”. It is not suitable for full load applications from the rostrum box to track socket /plug.

6 way (4.5mm diameter)    £1.50 Mtr, 12 way (6.3mm diameter) £2.90 Mtr

16 way (7.7mm diameter) £3.80 Mtr, All cables are unscreened.

(Sold in minimum 2mtr lengths) 7 / 0.2mm (0.22mm²)  per wire,

rated @ 1amp/440v, PVC Insulation

PRO SERIES Controller parts

Schottky Dioide


10R wire wound pot


25R wire wound pot


Wire Wound 4 watt replacement potentiometers for Pro Controller Voltage control and Sensitivity.

JK Products, Lexan controller handle.

Ideal as a replacement for any controller original fitted with a Red Fox type handle.  This handle is moulded from genuine lexan and is tougher and smoother.

Jk Controller handle




4mm black socket


4mm Red socket



New ISRA Rules Track sockets.

£2.65 each

ISRA track socket



Diode Brake Kit.  Get roll on brakes with this easy to install Diode brake kit. Suitable for all types of slot car from HO the Eurosport.  Also gives improved braking adjustment for lower powered slot cars like Scalextric.

The kit comes complete with compact, high quality 10 way switch with silver plated contacts and 8 diodes, complete with instruction sheet. Suitable for retrofitting to all non PWM controllers.  £19.75

diode brake kit


Download instruction sheet - click here Download  Common Pro Controller Faults and Fault fixing, Click Here

Auto reset Brake Fuse, suitable for replecement on Pro controllers or controller projects.


auto reset fuse


Adjustable Step Down Voltage limiter circuit board.

Use to limit maximum voltage to controller cooling fans


step down board