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Tested and used by Champions, Koala Claws is a new type of tire traction additive for sponge and most “scale” rubber tyres which gives great grip without “bogging” the car and also lasts far longer as it soaks into the tyre. £4.95

Koala Claws


The ULTIMATE TYRE TRACTION TREATMENT ! AB Slotsport Ultimate Flux The choice of champions!

AB Ultimate flux


AB Ultimate Flux, now in a new, clear, drip spout, safety cap bottle.  £3.25


Now available in Bulk 250 ml bottles.

The Pro chassis builders choice used by chassis builders worldwide.

Perfect for scratch building and assembling spring steel and brass/wire chassis.

AB Ultimate flux Bulk 250ml




In a handy 10ml bottle. Idea for gluing pinions for any class of car!

No solder, no mess!


Loctite 638


Limited Quantity only At this price!

Tire tubes;-  Std size for up to 0.760 tires, Large size for up to 0.840” tires Suites 1/24 scale tires. £3.50 pack of 5

tire tubes std / 5


tire tubes Large / 5


HYPERFLEX adhesive

Hyperflex, Black, Rubber toughened Cyanoacrylate adhesive is now back in stock at £4.60. Great for bonding rubber to metal and a bunch of other applications where vibration may be an issue  + GREAT FOR HARDENING SPONGE RUBBER FRONTS!  £4.60

Hyperflex adhesive


Recognised by leading racers as the very best lubricant / friction reducer available today!

Low viscosity and superb friction reduction =

Less bearing / bushing wear, better performance through lack of friction, lower cost through limiting wear on bearings and bushings.

Once used, never substituted!

Now available in 3 sizes;-

15ml oiler bottle @ £3.95

30ml oiler bottle @ £5.95

Bulk 125ml bottle @£18.50

Activ8 15 ml


Activ8 30 ml


Activ8 Bulk 125 ml


Koford Magnet Glue