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Available in 2 shaft sizes, 2mm or Hudy type.  

Wrench tip 2mm shaft


Wrench tip (Hudy type)


Now in stock and shipping!

AB Body Cutting Jig.

Cut straight line down the side of your lexan shells every time!  £5.95

(Colour may vary)

AB Body cut jig


Dremel Mandrel


Dremel Mandrel.  1/8” shaft.  £1.20 each

1/2 round diamond file


Half Round diamond file O/A length 140mm  £1.95

Curved Body Scissors for cutting wheel arches etc. £2.75

Scissors Curved


Wrench set;- 1.5, 2, 2.5 & 3mm wrenches with alloy handles

All wrenches 174mm long   £12.90

Wrench Set


Quality Pinion Puller with 2mm tip


pinion puller


Make donut fitting easy with the Donut Wizard. Suitable for all 3/32 bore hubs, the wizard comes with 5 hub cones to suit most wheel sizes 8mm - 15mm . Avoid getting glue inside the back and front of your hubs and make donut fitting a snip! Strong Nylon & Delrin construction with hard steel 3/32” axle.  £10.95

Donut Wizard


Koford flux brush


Koford Flux Brush £0.90

Pentel Detail Pens


Positively the best black detail pen available today.

Permanent black ink, with a 0.6mm nib.

Pentel detail pen



falcon/Hawk wrench


Pro Hex wrench suitable for 2mm hex screws used to mount Falcon, Hawk and other FK motors cans.

Its Back!!  AB Slot Tape

Cross weave filament tape, the perfect answer to reinforcing pin holes!

Now In a “handy “Slot Box” size roll, approx 65mm dia, 12mm wide. 25mtr. Long  £3.00 per roll

AB Slot Tape


Motor Brush TURTLE. Use in conjuction with your favourite brush radius tool to accurately profile motor brushes for vertical or horizontal hoods £19.95

Turtle brush tool


Guide Plate Tweeker Pro


JK tech block Blue


JK tech block Red



For balancing wheels and gears. Reduce vibration and bearing wear, improve performance.

Will balance wheels up to 35mm diameter, complete with 3/32 ground axle  £39.95

static balancer


6inch 150mm Electronic Digital Caliper Ruler Carbon Fibre Composite  £9.50

digital calipers


4/40 tap   (for wheels, gears etc.)


Also available #43 drill (tapping size for 4/40 tap) £1.80

4/40 tap


#43 drill


0/80 tap (for endbells etc) £6.30

0/80 tap


soldering sponge


Good Quality desiccated Soldering sponge. Just add water! Perfect!


Diamond grinding bits set


Diamond grinding bits, Set of 5. Nominal sizes from 3 - 8mm diameter. Ideal for grinding motor cans/magnets for axle clearance.

Made from brushed 1/2” Hex alloy  bar. Great for use with small taps and reamers. Specify the bore you want from 2 - 6mm (or Imp. Equivalent). Comes with 4/40 set screw. £4.05

Made to order in approx 3 working days.

Handy Handle

Handy Handles

AB wheel wrench


handy handle


JK Guide Threader


Diamond coated Cutting wheel set. Nominal sizes from 15mm - 40mm diameter. Set of 10 wheels mounted on Arbors.  £9.40

Diamond wheel set



Ideal Small Components box

Perfect for spacers, Gears , pinions, motor parts etc. Rugged construction, 8 compartments, individual  click seal lids.  Dimensions;- 87mm x 61mm x 21mm  £2.30

small component box



Fed up with bending the end of your cans when you try and remove the interference fit oilite or “sticky ballrace. Well no more! The AB can support tool is double ended so can be used with 5 mm or 6mm  flanged and unflanged bushes and bearings and supports the can all around the brushing hole to ensure the can doesn’t deform when you tap it out.  Use in cans with or without magnets (The tool is 0.500” in diameter so will fit all C can and smaller type can motors with magnet gaps of 0.500” plus).  £4.95

Can support tool


Cutting Disk Pack

36 cutting discs for Dremel etc.


Cutting discs


TL Solder


Solder. Sn60Pb40 2%flux core, Tin/Lead soft solder,  0.7mm dia. Nom. 100 gram roll.  Ideal for general chassis soldering and motor installation etc. £4.20